September 20, 2011

Love Walked In

By Marisa De Los Santos

Sonneri: This book easily found it's way to the top of my favorites list! I'm absolutely in love with the author's writing style - you feel as though you're having an intimate conversation with a best friend. Even the story was different, not at all your typical love story, but beautiful and heart-warming nonetheless. You'll fall in love with the characters the way the author intended and find it very difficult to put down. I don't really want to give anything away... so I'll just finish by saying that this book is a must-read!

Kristin: This is my idea of a great beach read. Laid back,easy to read and a unique spin on a love story. I liked the author's writing style- whitty at times. I liked how each chapter switched from the perspective of the 2 main characters. This story reminds me how sometimes in life you meet people that you automatically click with and feel like you've known them forever. Great read!

Amy Marie: Love Walked In is by far one of my most favorite books. I have recommended it to almost everyone who reads and they have all loved it! This book is wonderfully written. It is the first book that I was introduced to with this style of writing. It is a telling story about a woman trying to find her mister right. It involves a girl, a coffee shop, a past love and the need to keep reading because you want her to end up with him and have to keep reading to make sure she does! Ah! I just loved this book (and the sequel!)

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